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Bob's Field Day - March 30, 2013

Bob's Field Day - March 30, 2013


Bob’s Farm Day was a success!

When the teamsters got together on March 30th, the skies were beautiful with huge puffy clouds, the temperatures were in the mid-50s, and great temperatures for the draft horses, mules and donkeys, with plenty of rest stops and socializing, as this was the first event of the year and many were not conditioned for extended work periods.

Quite a few spectators came into the plow area to ask questions and were welcomed.  Many wanted an up-close view of the teams at work.  Many asked about the various plows on display and some shared their experiences with draft horses and/or growing up on a farm utilizing draft horses and mules as their form of “horsepower”.

Throughout the day, spectators enjoyed a parade of wagons; teams and single draft horses and mules hooked to various antique farm equipment,  including walking plows, sulky plows, disks, harrows, and many more pieces that Bob had on site for use; multiple hitch demonstrations with a final twelve horse hitch driven by Bob, Sue, and Gary.

Thank you to Bob and Sue Brennan for hosting a wonderful event.  The three Draft Horse Associations of Virginia supported the event – The ODDHMA, VDHMA and VPA.  Thank you to the Teamsters and Members that participated with and without equine, volunteered their time and effort to ensure success, and to promoting this event to the general public.  Thank you to everyone involved!