About Us

Our Organization
The Old Dominion Draft Horse and Mule Association was incorporated in early 2011 with an initial membership of about one dozen.
Mission Statement
The Old Dominion Draft Horse and Mule Association, Inc. was organized exclusively for charitable, educational, and the fostering of interest in raising, breeding, care and use of draft horses and mules.  Our membership consists of a diverse group of individuals who volunteer their time and equine to support the goals of the organization as listed in our Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws:
  • To promote and stimulate interest, encourage ownership and participation, advance, show, and advertise all breeds of draft horses and mules.  
  • To provide education regarding the use of draft equine in any discipline to individuals of any age who are owners of drafts as well as to the general public, to recognize the historical heritage of the draft equine and its place in today’s society.
  • To promote the draft horse and mule through exhibits and shows for the education of those interested and to provide funds for benevolent uses or to provide funds for carrying out the purpose of this association.
  •  To encourage the fundamental values and skills required to be learned from working with draft equine for enjoyment, recreation and entertainment for the owners and the public through participation in fairs, shows, parades, working horse and driver events, educational workshops and clinics, and any other related events.
  • To encourage youth participation and to extend education to anyone with an interest in draft animals.
  • To create, foster, promote and maintain cordial relations, cooperation, and exchange of ideas among all Club members and the public pertaining to draft animals.                         
  • To organize and sponsor educational clinics for the purpose of assisting members in gaining knowledge of driving techniques and skills, as well as good equine care and training.       
  • To provide and pursue ways and means not prohibited by law, to solicit and receive, money and property for the foregoing purposes and to receive and accept for charitable purposes, gifts, donations, bequests, and devises of money and property.
  •  To do all things necessary, suitable or proper for the accomplishment of the above purposes.
 ODDHMA Board Meetings
The ODDHMA Board of Director meetings are held each month, or as determined by the Board of Directors.
The Association holds biannual meetings of the general membership each year in  January and November.
Everyone is welcome to attend ALL board meetings.  Come share your ideas and have input into how the organization is run.  Location and time of meetings will be announced in the newsletter and posted on the website.
2020 Board of Directors
    • President:  Lee Redifer    
    • Vice President:  Billy Slingerland     
    • Secretary:  Cheryl Sgarrella           
    • Treasurer:                  
    • Director:  Mike Klepper (2020)   
    • Director:  Barbara Harris (2020)  
    • Director:  Richard Redifer (2021)    
    • Director:  Linda Roadcamp (2021)   
 Old Dominion Draft Horse and Mule Association, Inc.
23707 Parsons Road
Middleburg, Virginia  20117
For more information on membership, or to recieve a complimentary newsletter, please contact Cheryl via email or phone (703) 431-7992.