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Field Day of the Past 2011

Field Day of the Past 2011

Field Day of the Past ~ September 16-18, 2011

We are happy to report that we had a very successful event at Field Day of the Past in Goochland County on September 16, 17, 18, 2011. This event provided a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate the versatility of our draft equine. We are extremely proud of our members that volunteered and filled a variety of positions throughout the weekend.

For the parade of breeds, our ring was filled to capacity. Kathryn Daniels-Smith and Mary Haney provided excellent descriptions on the variety of breeds that were presented. Many spectators enjoyed the antique implement display, enjoyed talking with the teamsters regarding the use of the equipment, and remembering how these animals and implements where used on their farms by their fathers and grandfathers. Many had their own tales to tell!

Every effort was made by the ODDHMA to make this an event enjoyable for all and provide entertainment for the whole family. The horse drawn barrel train was enjoyed by children of all ages! Many enjoyed wagon rides provided by Ricky McLeod, Curtis Pierce and Art Magner. Due to the long lines for the barrel train, we also provided rides with sleds and square bale seats. Draft horse and mule rides were also available in the ring.

The equipment demonstrations provided by R.K. McLeod, Richard Redifer, Ricky McLeod, Billy Slingerland and Cheryl Sgarrella, allowed the spectators to see actual field work by the draft horses and mules. This allowed the younger generation to see how their grandparents and great-grandparents worked their farms and made a living ~ all in keeping with the Field Day of the Past theme.

Our Amish farrier demonstrations, provided by Elam Stoltzfus, provided spectators with the perfect opportunity to see a farrier in action! Elam answered all questions and took the time to explain all steps involved in reshoeing, trimming, checking hoof condition and the overall health of each hoof, selecting proper shoe size, demonstrated the welding of borium in place by puddling on the shoes with the torch, and hot shoeing.

We are always surprised with the curiosity of the children and adults where our horses and mules are concerned. There is a genuine interest in all of the draft animals, ranging from the color of the animal, height, weight, harness, etc. The hottest question was…..How many horsepower is a draft horse or mule? Another frequent comment heard over the weekend was how friendly and hospitable our teamsters and volunteers were and how we loved sharing our knowledge with everyone. Thank you to all the ODDHMA members that volunteered to make this a wonderful event.

Thank you….

Ricky & Lorri McLeod; Mary & Junior Haney; Heather Hockaday and Family; Billy Slingerland; Victor Taylor; R. K. McLeod; Susan Jacobs; Dale & Sylvia Yancey & Family; Curtis Pierce & Marsha Korose; Kathryn Daniels-Smith & Family; Art & Melanie Magner & Family; Bill & Jane Rose; Kenny England & Family; Amy Clements; Russell Sharpe; Hamilton Knight; Wayne Hicks; Richard & Linda Redifer; Shenia Wong, Sarah Vogeley; Sarah Altman; Trey Mitchell; Mike Klepper; Dylan Grimes; Cheryl Sgarrella; Clarice & Bernard Perkins; Jack & Donna Henshaw and all others. You are all greatly appreciated.