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McLeod's Spring Plow Day

June 15, 2011
It certainly looks like Ricky and Lorri McLeod have been busy!   Please enjoy the pictures!  We especially love the pictures of Ricky cultivating his corn with his team of black percherons, Sonny and Michael! 
There's nothing quite like the taste of a perfectly ripe, perfectly delicious tomato picked right out of your own vegetable garden.  They will have an abundance of vegetables. 
April 23, 2011
Ricky & Lorri McLeod's Spring Plow Day

Questionable weather with dark clouds and early intermittent showers didn’t keep the Teamsters with their draft horses and mules from coming out to plow on Saturday, April 23.  Ricky provided a wonderful site for the Old Dominion Draft Horse and Mule Association’s 1st Old-Fashioned Plow Day.  Spectators were welcome to share in the experience and watch the Teamsters make short work of getting the field plowed.  They were even invited to take a turn at driving a team!  Many enjoyed a horse-drawn wagon ride through the trails down by the river.

Teamsters with their draft horses and mules participated in plowing demonstrations throughout the day.  Teamsters hitched their teams in multiple configurations ~ single, team, four abreast, three abreast, four horse tandem hitch ~ to plows to work the ground that Ricky had designated for his new produce garden. 

As temperatures steadily climbed throughout the day, the horses and mules got much-needed work, we saved Ricky from burning a few gallons of diesel fuel in his John Deere tractor, and we enjoyed great company. There was also plenty of time to discuss the horses and mules, plows and make small adjustments as the teams rested. Teamwork leads to success! 

The Old Dominion Draft Horse and Mule Association would like to thank Ricky & Lorri McLeod for hosting a spring plow day at their farm in Partlow, Virginia.  Thank you to the local 4-H club for providing a wonderful luncheon.  Thank you to all the teamsters and volunteers that helped make this event a success!

McLeod's Spring Plow Day Pictures Here!

We will try to keep everyone up to date on the produce garden.  100 Pounds of Potatoes have been planted.  Next, 1,500 Tomato plants!