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Old Farm Day

Old Farm Day ~ 2011

16th Annual
Old Farm Day
Saturday, October 1, 2011
Pleasant Grove
1730 Thomas Jefferson Parkway
Palmyra, Virginia

Thank you to the Old Farm Day Committee and The Fluvanna Historical Society for the opportunity to participate in the 2011 Old Farm Day at Pleasant Grove.  Through our participation in this event, we were able to raise over $1,000.00 to help the Association fulfill its mission and to help cover operating expenses.


Activities for the day included harnessing demonstrations, plowing demonstrations, hay mowing demonstrations and pony rides.  The Mitchell’s provided another popular attraction for the day, Rosie and Lilly, their miniature horses.  The children just loved touching the horses. 


Junior Haney provided harnessing demonstrations with his draft horses.  Afterwards, he also allowed the children to give his draft horses, Lexi and Fanny, treats, as well as sit on the horses bareback.


We had over 370 children enjoy pony rides.  For the kids, the pony rides offered excitement from being around live animals, getting to touch and pet them as they rode around the ring.  For the Adults, they experienced the same excitement, just seeing their children ride and the smiles on their faces. 


Richard Redifer provided a wonderful plowing demonstration and answered many questions from the spectators.  Billy Slingerland provided a hay mowing demonstration throughout the day.  This provided the perfect opportunity for spectators to see teamsters at work with their animals.  The draft horse demonstrations reminded many of days gone by and also allowed many to share their experiences with draft horses with the teamsters.  Many were amazed at the size of these horses! 


Thank you to everyone that participated in this event.   We could not have successfully participated without everyone working together as a team.  Thank you to all the WALKERS.  You went above and beyond with what seemed to be our “endless” line of youngsters, some of which rode multiple times!