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Black Belle Farm Fun Day

Black Belle Farm Fun Day ~ 2011

Billy Slingerland and Cheryl Sgarrella would like to thank everyone who made it out to their farm fun day!  The weather was questionable, with a light mist on and off throughout the day.  The obstacle course had been set up on Friday afternoon and offered some new challenges.  The riding horses were not phased by the swim noodles or the spinning flowers.  Bob Brennan gave wagon rides and navigated the obstacle course with passengers, even attempting the noodles!  Chelsea, Daniel and Jacob provided great entertainment on the obstacle course and encouraged their horses to go faster!
Billy Slingerland started plowing with Beth, Belle and Barney, followed by Ricky and R.K. McLeod.  Jeff Wise brought 3 teams of mules and Richard Redifer brought his three beautiful percherons to help get the field plowed.  Teamster's enjoyed a relaxing day in the field!
Thank you to Mary and Junior Haney for all your assistance on Friday and Saturday to make sure everything went smoothly!  Thank you to Liz Wise for working the t-shirt booth and registration table!  Thank you to Brandi, Chelsa and Jeremy for welcoming everyone to the farm and filling out all the paperwork!  Thank you to Dylan Grimes for working the concession stand!  Thank you to Keith Johnson for auctioning off all the donated items for our benefit auction and thank you to all the members who donated items!  Thank you to all the other members/guests who helped make this a fun day!