The Old Dominion Draft Horse and Mule Association appreciates your interest in making a donation to the association.  Without donations and interest in the ODDHMA, our association would not be a success. 

ODDHMA members are involved in a variety of events which include local fairs, local parades, hosting farm fun days and plow days open to the public, participation in local youth events, and hosting clinics.  Not only do the participants gain additional knowledge about draft horses and mules, but they also have the opportunity to work with draft horses and mules in a safe environment.  This may give them a kick start into an industry that has a lot to offer, allows them to learn from other draft enthusiasts, and helps promote the draft horse and mules.  What a great way to educate, have fun, and enjoy the camaraderie of the events!

If you would like to mail in your donation, click here to print the form.

Please complete the form and return with your check made payable to:


Mail the form and payment to:

ODDHMA c/o Cheryl Sgarrella, 23707 Parsons Road, Middleburg VA  20117

Through your support the ODDHMA can continue to sponsor farm fun days and clinics to provide educational experiences for our members and other interested individuals.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any Officer or Director.  We look forward to hearing from you.


If you would like to donate an item to one of our upcoming benefit auctions, please bring your item(s) to any event and we will see that they are included.  We appreciate your support and all proceeds from the auctions support the ODDHMA.